Ngwe Saung

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Ngwe-Saung, Myanmar’s latest beach resort has the longest shore—nine miles. It is located just 29 miles from Pathein in the Ay­eyawady Region. Popular with the travellers who prefer much less crowded beach, clean and white sand, and the crystal clear sea water free of seaweeds and the like, Ngwe-Saung is likely to surpass the other local counterparts very soon in many aspects. The recent com­pletion of Nga-Wun Bridge also facilitates the road transport service for this seaside resort.


How to get there

It takes about 5 hours, motoring from Yangon to get there.


Where to stay and where to dine

Aureum Palace Hotels & Resorts, Bay of Bengal Resort, The Emerald Sea Resort Sun­ny Paradise Hotel, Ambo Hotel, etc.


Why so special

The long Ngwe Saung Beach lies be­tween the Bay of Bengal with its unforgettable views at sunset, and the Rakhine Mountain Range with the evergreen tropical rain forests on its slopes. While you stroll along the beach, waves lap on the shore on the seaside, and the row of screw-pines sway under the arched coconut trees on the shore side.


Chaung Tha

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Chaung Tha Beach-only 246 km from Yangon- is the nearest beach resort located in the Ayeyarwaddy Region. Along the 5 hours’ drive  to the beach, one can feast one’s eyes on the vast stretches of lush green paddy fields.


How to get there

Only 5 hours’ drive from Yangon.


Where to stay and where to dine

There are bungalow-type hotels facing the sea. Ambo Resort Hotel, Chaung Tha Beach Hotel, Shwe Dove Hotel and guesthouses in the nearby Chaung Tha village are at your  service. Seafood is fresh and plenty at the restaurants there.


Why so special

En route to Chanug Tha, one visits Pathein, the capital of the Ayeyarwaddy Region, and try Pathein Halawar, its speciality. Pathein umbrella is the symbol of the Region.

Reaching the beach, one can enjoy the salubrious breeze crossing the long stretching sea and the horizon. Surfing over the white-crested waves is an unforgettable experience. Pokala Island and Thebyu Island – 5 minutes’ and 20 minutes’ drive by motorboat respectively- boast their beautiful, white sand beaches.It takes exactly one hour to Ngwe Saung Beach, the latest beach resort of Myanmar.



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